How To Install Metal Driveway Gates

14/10/2013 - How To Install Metal Driveway Gates

How To Install Metal Driveway Gates


When choosing to upgrade driveway gates there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure they are going to be installed in the correct manner. Its is imperative that you are aware that certain types of gate will be extremely heavy and as such may not always be suitable to be installed to existing brickwork. In these instances it is advisable to seek the advice of a builder who will be able to offer a suitable solution.


Tools Required

  • Power Drill
  • Spirit Level
  • Hammer
  • Various Drill Bits and Screwdriver heads


Fitting Driveway Gates to Existing Brickwork

Once you are in possession of the gates and are satisfied all the parts have been supplied you can start the simple task of installation.  Please note we strongly recommend you paint the surfaces prior to installaton as it is far easier to do so prior to them being fitted.


1.       Regardless of the type of hinges you have, start off by fitting the hinges to the gates


2.       Place one of the gates in the opening with the hinges adjacent to the structure. This will enable you to mark the position of the fixing plates. Remember to make an allowance for ground clearance when doing this so the gates can swing freely. We normally recommend a ground clearance of approx 50mm (2”) so more often than not a piece of wood placed under the gate will give the required space.


3.       Once you are happy of the position within the opening carefully mark the location of the top hinge and mark where the holes will need drilling. Next take your spirit level and ensure the gate is plumb / vertical. Once this is done mark the holes on the lower hinge plate.


4.       Remove the gate and drill all the holes being careful not to split the brickwork.


5.       Insert wall pugs and tap home with a hammer.


6.       Place the gate back into position and using a screwdriver, attach the hinge brackets to the wall and tighten to secure in place.


7.       Check both plumb and level.


8.       Repeat the process with the other side only this time make sure the second leaf sits level with the one already hanging to achieve a professional look.


9.       Where fine adjustments are required, this should be completed at this stage.


10.   Check both gates swing freely within the opening


11.   Install the latch.


12.   Hold the gate in line in the closed position and mark the location of the drop bolts on the ground.  Drill holes in the required location large enough to allow them to drop in. This will stop them swinging in the wind.


You should have now completed installaton and all that is required is to clean down the area and place your tools back inside the garage where they will remain afe until required again.