Safety Factors to Consider When Installing Elec...

17/10/2013 - Safety Factors to Consider When Installing Electric Gates

Safety Factors to Consider When Installing Electric Gates


If you are wanting to fit electric gates to the front of your home, please remember that whilst they will undoubtedly provide added convenience when entering and exiting your property, unless they are correctly specified size and weight, fitted with the right safety features, have been installed correctly and finally properly maintained they can pose a serious threat to users.

In light of this please be extremely careful when selecting to automate your drive gates and be sure to take account of the below information relating to the safety features.


Safety Features

The main aim of any safety feature is to prevent damage to property and injuries to user from occurring. Please remember that once fitted with a motor, a set of gates are classed as “a machine” and as such must comply with certain legislation. This is because the motor will exert a huge amount of force that can result in serious injury or in some cases death.




There are a variety of safety features that can be fitted to automated gates around your home, some of which are detailed below

Photocells – These work by sending a beam out across the opening from one side to the other. The idea being that if it is broken the motor will instantly stop therefore preventing anything coming into contact with the moving gates. There should be an absolute minimum of one pair of photocells fitted across the opening. In addition to this, where the gates swing back against a wall or similar obstruction, addition photocells will be required to ensure there is no possibility of someone standing in the area becoming crushed.

Safety Edges – Fitted to the leading edge of the gates, a safety edge is basically a sensor that detects any contact during the opening and closing cycle. If contact is made, the gate will stop and auto-reverse to free the object.

Radar & Pressure Sensitive Pads – Due to the high price of this kind of system, this type of safety feature is generally only fitted to the most exclusive of properties. Extremely effective, they will stop the movement well before any contact is made.

Emergency Stop Button – Unlike the above methods of ensuring safety, an emergency stop button requires the user to press it. Although not required under legislation, do not underestimate how effective this can be in an emergency.


Disclaimer - the above information is intended as a guide and as such should not be solely relied upon. All installations are different and as such require proper planning by a competent person to be sure they are safe.Please note that whilst we supply a wide range of high quality metal gates and driveway gates that are suitable for automation, as a supply only company DO NOT supply gate motors and operators.